Apollo 12 - Anniversary

Date/Time GMT GET     
Countdown started.
09-Nov-1969 00:00:00-098:00:00      
Scheduled 12-hour hold at T-66 hours.
10-Nov-1969 07:00:00-066:00:00      
Countdown resumed at T-66 hours.
10-Nov-1969 20:00:00-066:00:00      
Scheduled 16-hour hold at T-48 hours.
11-Nov-1969 08:00:00-048:00:00      
Countdown resumed at T-48 hours.
12-Nov-1969 00:00:00-048:00:00      
Terminal countdown started.
13-Nov-1969 02:00:00-028:00:00      
Unscheduled 6-hour hold at T-17 hours to replace CSM LH2 tank #2 due to leak.
13-Nov-1969 13:00:00-017:00:00      
Countdown resumed at T-17 hours.
13-Nov-1969 19:00:00-017:00:00      
Scheduled 9-hour 22-minute hold at T-9 hours (shortened by 6 hours to avert launch delay).
14-Nov-1969 03:00:00-009:00:00      
Countdown resumed at T-9 hours.
14-Nov-1969 06:22:00-009:00:00      
Scheduled 1-hour hold at T-3 hours 30 minutes.
14-Nov-1969 11:52:00-003:30:00      
Countdown resumed at T-3 hours 30 minutes.
14-Nov-1969 12:52:00-003:30:00      
Guidance reference release.
14-Nov-1969 16:21:43-000:00:16      
S-IC engine start command.
14-Nov-1969 16:21:51-000:00:08      
S-IC engine ignition (#5).
14-Nov-1969 16:21:53-000:00:06      
All S-IC engines thrust OK.
14-Nov-1969 16:21:58-000:00:01      
Range zero.
14-Nov-1969 16:22:00000:00:00      
All holddown arms released (1st motion) (1.09 g).
14-Nov-1969 16:22:00000:00:00      
Liftoff (umbilical disconnected).
14-Nov-1969 16:22:00000:00:00      
Tower clearance yaw maneuver started.
14-Nov-1969 16:22:02000:00:02      
Yaw maneuver ended.
14-Nov-1969 16:22:10000:00:10      
Pitch and roll maneuver started.
14-Nov-1969 16:22:12000:00:12      
Roll maneuver ended.
14-Nov-1969 16:22:32000:00:32      
1st electrical disturbance (lightning).
14-Nov-1969 16:22:36000:00:36      
2nd electrical disturbance (lightning).
14-Nov-1969 16:22:52000:00:52      
Mach 1 achieved.
14-Nov-1969 16:23:06000:01:06      
Maximum bending moment achieved (37,000,000 lbf-in).
14-Nov-1969 16:23:17000:01:17      
Maximum dynamic pressure (682.95 lb/ft2).
14-Nov-1969 16:23:21000:01:21      
S-IC center engine cutoff command.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:15000:02:15      
Fuel cell power restored to buses.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:22000:02:22      
Pitch maneuver ended.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:38000:02:38      
S-IC outboard engine cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:41000:02:41      
S-IC maximum total inertial acceleration (3.91 g).
14-Nov-1969 16:24:41000:02:41      
S-IC maximum Earth-fixed velocity.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:42000:02:42      
S-IC/S-II separation command.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:42000:02:42      
S-II engine start command.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:43000:02:43      
S-II ignition.
14-Nov-1969 16:24:43000:02:43      
S-II aft interstage jettisoned.
14-Nov-1969 16:25:12000:03:12      
Launch escape tower jettisoned.
14-Nov-1969 16:25:17000:03:17      
Iterative guidance mode initiated.
14-Nov-1969 16:25:22000:03:22      
S-IC apex.
14-Nov-1969 16:26:35000:04:35      
S-II center engine cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 16:29:40000:07:40      
S-II maximum total inertial acceleration (1.83 g).
14-Nov-1969 16:29:40000:07:40      
S-II outboard engine cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 16:31:12000:09:12      
S-II maximum Earth-fixed velocity. S-II/S-IVB separation command.
14-Nov-1969 16:31:13000:09:13      
S-IVB 1st burn start command.
14-Nov-1969 16:31:13000:09:13      
S-IC impact (theoretical).
14-Nov-1969 16:31:14000:09:14      
S-IVB 1st burn ignition.
14-Nov-1969 16:31:16000:09:16      
S-IVB ullage case jettisoned.
14-Nov-1969 16:31:25000:09:25      
S-II apex.
14-Nov-1969 16:31:41000:09:41      
S-IVB 1st burn cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 16:33:33000:11:33      
S-IVB 1st burn maximum total inertial acceleration (0.69 g).
14-Nov-1969 16:33:34000:11:33      
Earth orbit insertion; S-IVB 1st burn maximum Earth-fixed velocity.
14-Nov-1969 16:33:43000:11:43      
Maneuver to local horizontal attitude started.
14-Nov-1969 16:33:54000:11:54      
Orbital navigation started.
14-Nov-1969 16:35:15000:13:15      
S-II impact (theoretical).
14-Nov-1969 16:42:21000:20:21      
S-IVB 2nd burn restart preparation.
14-Nov-1969 18:59:44002:37:44      
S-IVB 2nd burn restart command.
14-Nov-1969 19:09:15002:47:15      
S-IVB 2nd burn ignition.
14-Nov-1969 19:09:22002:47:22      
S-IVB 2nd burn cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 19:15:03002:53:03      
S-IVB 2nd burn maximum total inertial acceleration (1.48 g).
14-Nov-1969 19:15:04002:53:04      
S-IVB 2nd burn maximum Earth-fixed velocity.
14-Nov-1969 19:15:04002:53:04      
S-IVB safing procedures started.
14-Nov-1969 19:15:04002:53:04      
Translunar injection.
14-Nov-1969 19:15:13002:53:13      
Maneuver to local horizontal attitude and orbital navigation started.
14-Nov-1969 19:15:24002:53:24      
1st LH2 tank CVS open.
14-Nov-1969 19:16:20002:54:20      
Cold helium dump start.
14-Nov-1969 19:16:55002:54:55      
1st LOX tank NPV valve closed.
14-Nov-1969 19:19:05002:57:05      
2nd LH2 tank latching valve open.
14-Nov-1969 19:26:00003:04:00      
1st LH2 tank latching valve closed.
14-Nov-1969 19:30:03003:08:03      
Maneuver to transposition and docking attitude started.
14-Nov-1969 19:30:05003:08:05      
Cold helium dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 19:30:30003:08:30      
1st LH2 tank CVS closed.
14-Nov-1969 19:31:05003:09:05      
CSM separated from S-IVB.
14-Nov-1969 19:40:04003:18:04      
TV transmission started.
14-Nov-1969 19:47:00003:25:00      
CSM docked with LM/S-IVB.
14-Nov-1969 19:48:53003:26:53      
Engine start-tank dump start.
14-Nov-1969 20:15:04003:53:04      
Ambient repressurization helium dump start.
14-Nov-1969 20:15:05003:53:05      
Cold helium dump start.
14-Nov-1969 20:16:00003:54:00      
Ambient repressurization helium dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 20:16:07003:54:07      
Engine start-tank dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 20:17:34003:55:34      
2nd LH2 tank latching valve closed.
14-Nov-1969 20:18:35003:56:35      
Cold helium dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 20:30:35004:08:35      
CSM/LM ejected from S-IVB.
14-Nov-1969 20:35:00004:13:00      
Observation and photography of two ventings from the S-IVB burner area started.
14-Nov-1969 20:41:20004:19:20      
Maneuver to evasive attitude start.
14-Nov-1969 20:42:00004:20:00      
Maneuver to evasive attitude stop.
14-Nov-1969 20:45:20004:23:20      
1st APS evasive maneuver ignition/S-IVB stage control helium dump start.
14-Nov-1969 20:48:40004:26:40      
Observation and photography of S-IVB ventings ended.
14-Nov-1969 20:48:40004:26:40      
Cold helium dump start.
14-Nov-1969 20:48:41004:26:41      
TV transmission ended.
14-Nov-1969 20:50:00004:28:00      
1st APS evasive maneuver cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 20:50:00004:28:00      
S-IVB APS ullage evasive maneuver started.
14-Nov-1969 20:50:01004:28:01      
S-IVB APS ullage evasive maneuver ended.
14-Nov-1969 20:51:21004:29:21      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - Propulsive LH2 vent (CVS).
14-Nov-1969 20:58:20004:36:20      
S-IVB maneuver to lunar slingshot attitude for solar orbit initiated.
14-Nov-1969 20:58:21004:36:21      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - LOX dump started.
14-Nov-1969 21:10:00004:48:00      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - LOX dump ended.
14-Nov-1969 21:10:58004:48:58      
2nd LOX tank NPV valve open.
14-Nov-1969 21:11:00004:49:00      
3rd LH2 tank latching valve open.
14-Nov-1969 21:12:07004:50:07      
Cold helium dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 21:12:50004:50:50      
Engine control helium dump start.
14-Nov-1969 21:20:00004:58:00      
Engine control helium dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 21:27:30005:05:30      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - APS ullage ignition (planned).
14-Nov-1969 21:45:20005:23:20      
Stage control helium dump stop.
14-Nov-1969 21:48:40005:26:40      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - APS ullage cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 21:50:20005:28:20      
Ground commanded APS ignition.
14-Nov-1969 21:51:00005:29:10      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - APS ullage ignition (unplanned).
14-Nov-1969 21:51:13005:29:13      
Ground commanded APS cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 21:55:40005:33:40      
S-IVB slingshot maneuver - APS ullage cutoff.
14-Nov-1969 21:55:43005:33:43      
S-IVB maneuver to communications attitude initiated.
14-Nov-1969 21:58:37005:36:37      
LMP entered LM.
14-Nov-1969 23:42:00007:20:00      
LM inspection.
14-Nov-1969 23:52:00007:30:00      
LMP entered CM.
15-Nov-1969 00:32:00008:10:00      
LMP entered LM.
15-Nov-1969 03:02:00010:40:00      
LMP entered CM.
15-Nov-1969 03:12:00010:50:00      
TV transmission started.
15-Nov-1969 22:40:00030:18:00      
Midcourse correction ignition.
15-Nov-1969 23:14:44030:52:44      
Midcourse correction cutoff.
15-Nov-1969 23:14:53030:52:53      
TV transmission ended.
15-Nov-1969 23:27:00031:05:00      
TV transmission started.
17-Nov-1969 07:14:00062:52:00      
LMP entered LM.
17-Nov-1969 07:32:00063:10:00      
LMP entered CM.
17-Nov-1969 08:07:00063:45:00      
TV transmission ended.
17-Nov-1969 08:10:00063:48:00      
17-Nov-1969 12:52:00068:30:00      
Rendezvous transponder activation and self-test.
17-Nov-1969 23:57:00079:35:00      
System checks for lunar orbit insertion maneuver.
18-Nov-1969 02:22:00082:00:00      
Lunar orbit insertion ignition.
18-Nov-1969 03:47:23083:25:23      
Lunar orbit insertion cutoff.
18-Nov-1969 03:53:15083:31:15      
TV transmission started.
18-Nov-1969 04:22:00084:00:00      
TV transmission ended.
18-Nov-1969 04:55:00084:33:00      
S-IVB closest approach to lunar surface.
18-Nov-1969 06:10:00085:48:00      
System checks for lunar orbit circularization maneuver.
18-Nov-1969 06:52:00086:30:00      
Lunar orbit circularization ignition.
18-Nov-1969 08:10:48087:48:48      
Lunar orbit circularization cutoff.
18-Nov-1969 08:11:05087:49:04      
LMP entered LM.
18-Nov-1969 09:42:00089:20:00      
LM activation and checkout.
18-Nov-1969 10:07:00089:45:00      
LM deactivation and LMP transferred back to CM.
18-Nov-1969 10:52:00090:30:00      
LMP entered LM.
19-Nov-1969 00:07:00103:45:00      
LM system checks.
19-Nov-1969 00:26:00104:04:00      
CDR entered LM.
19-Nov-1969 00:42:00104:20:00      
LM system checks.
19-Nov-1969 00:52:00104:30:00      
LMP entered CM.
19-Nov-1969 01:02:00104:40:00      
LMP entered LM. System checks.
19-Nov-1969 01:22:00105:00:00      
TV transmission started.
19-Nov-1969 04:12:00107:50:00      
CSM/LM undocked.
19-Nov-1969 04:16:02107:54:02      
CSM/LM separation maneuver ignition.
19-Nov-1969 04:46:36108:24:36      
CSM/LM separation maneuver cutoff.
19-Nov-1969 04:46:51108:24:51      
TV transmission ended.
19-Nov-1969 04:52:00108:30:00      
LM descent orbit insertion ignition (SPS).
19-Nov-1969 05:45:39109:23:39      
LM descent orbit insertion cutoff.
19-Nov-1969 05:46:08109:24:08      
LM powered descent engine ignition.
19-Nov-1969 06:42:38110:20:38      
LM throttle up.
19-Nov-1969 06:43:05110:21:05      
LM landing site correction initiated.
19-Nov-1969 06:44:03110:22:03      
LM landing site correction entered.
19-Nov-1969 06:44:27110:22:27      
LM landing radar altitude lock.
19-Nov-1969 06:46:00110:24:00      
LM landing radar velocity lock.
19-Nov-1969 06:46:04110:24:04      
LM “permit landing radar updates” entered.
19-Nov-1969 06:46:09110:24:09      
LM state-vector update allowed.
19-Nov-1969 06:46:25110:24:25      
LM “permit landing radar updates” exited.
19-Nov-1969 06:46:31110:24:31      
LM abort guidance system altitude updated.
19-Nov-1969 06:48:08110:26:08      
LM velocity update initiated.
19-Nov-1969 06:48:24110:26:24      
LM X-axis override inhibited.
19-Nov-1969 06:48:39110:26:39      
LM throttle recovery.
19-Nov-1969 06:49:01110:27:01      
LM abort guidance system altitude updated.
19-Nov-1969 06:49:26110:27:26      
LM approach phase entered.
19-Nov-1969 06:51:11110:29:11      
LM landing point designator enabled.
19-Nov-1969 06:51:14110:29:14      
LM landing radar antenna to position 2.
19-Nov-1969 06:51:18110:29:18      
LM abort guidance system altitude updated.
19-Nov-1969 06:51:20110:29:20      
LM redesignation right.
19-Nov-1969 06:51:44110:29:44      
LM landing radar switched to low scale.
19-Nov-1969 06:51:47110:29:47      
LM redesignation long.
19-Nov-1969 06:52:02110:30:02      
LM redesignation long.
19-Nov-1969 06:52:06110:30:06      
LM redesignation right.
19-Nov-1969 06:52:12110:30:12      
LM redesignation short.
18-Nov-1969 06:52:30110:30:30      
LM redesignation right.
19-Nov-1969 06:52:42110:30:42      
LM attitude hold mode selected.
19-Nov-1969 06:52:46110:30:46      
LM rate of descent landing phase entered.
19-Nov-1969 06:52:50110:30:50      
LM landing radar data dropout.
19-Nov-1969 06:53:18110:31:18      
LM landing radar data recovery.
19-Nov-1969 06:53:24110:31:24      
LM landing radar data dropout.
19-Nov-1969 06:53:27110:31:27      
LM landing radar data recovery.
19-Nov-1969 06:53:37110:31:37      
1st photographic evidence of surface dust disturbed by descent engine.
19-Nov-1969 06:53:44110:31:44      
LM premature low level fuel light on tank #2.
19-Nov-1969 06:53:59110:31:59      
LM landing radar data dropout.
19-Nov-1969 06:54:00110:32:00      
LM landing radar data recovery.
19-Nov-1969 06:54:04110:32:04      
Lunar dust completely obscured landing site.
19-Nov-1969 06:54:11110:32:11      
LM powered descent engine cutoff.
19-Nov-1969 06:54:35110:32:35      
LM lunar landing.
19-Nov-1969 06:54:36110:32:36      
1st EVA started (egress).
19-Nov-1969 11:32:35115:10:35      
CDR on lunar surface. Environmental familiarization.
19-Nov-1969 11:44:22115:22:22      
Contingency sample collected (CDR). CDR activities photographed (LMP).
19-Nov-1969 11:47:41115:25:41      
Equipment bag transferred (LMP to CDR).
19-Nov-1969 12:00:53115:38:53      
Contingency sample site photographed (CDR).
19-Nov-1969 12:08:57115:46:57      
LMP egress.
19-Nov-1969 12:11:41115:49:41      
LMP on lunar surface.
19-Nov-1969 12:13:50115:51:50      
S-band antenna deployed (CDR).
19-Nov-1969 12:31:38116:09:38      
Solar wind composition experiment deployed (LMP).
19-Nov-1969 12:35:17116:13:17      
United States flag deployed (CDR).
19-Nov-1969 12:41:31116:19:31      
Panoramic photography complete (CDR).
19-Nov-1969 12:47:51116:25:51      
LM inspection complete (LMP).
19-Nov-1969 12:53:46116:31:46      
Experiment package unloaded (CDR, LMP).
19-Nov-1969 12:54:00116:32:00      
Experiment package transferred (CDR, LMP).
19-Nov-1969 13:14:00116:52:00      
Experiment package deployed (CDR) and activated (LMP).
19-Nov-1969 13:23:00117:01:00      
Return traverse started (CDR, LMP).
19-Nov-1969 14:22:00118:00:00      
Sample container packing started (CDR).
19-Nov-1969 14:49:00118:27:00      
Core tube sample gathered (LMP).
19-Nov-1969 14:57:00118:35:00      
LMP on ladder for ingress.
19-Nov-1969 15:12:46118:50:46      
LMP inside LM.
19-Nov-1969 15:14:18118:52:18      
Equipment transfer bag in LM (CDR to LMP).
19-Nov-1969 15:18:19118:56:19      
Sample return container in LM (CDR to LMP).
19-Nov-1969 15:20:30118:58:30      
CDR on LM footpad.
19-Nov-1969 15:24:11119:02:11      
CDR inside LM.
19-Nov-1969 15:27:17119:05:17      
1st EVA ended (hatch closed).
19-Nov-1969 15:28:38119:06:38      
CSM plane change ignition (SPS).
19-Nov-1969 16:09:13119:47:13      
CSM plane change cutoff.
19-Nov-1969 16:09:31119:47:31      
Debriefing for 1st EVA.
19-Nov-1969 17:07:00120:45:00      
2nd EVA started (egress).
20-Nov-1969 03:54:45131:32:45      
Safety monitoring of CDR descent to surface by LMP.
20-Nov-1969 03:57:00131:35:00      
CDR set foot on lunar surface.
20-Nov-1969 03:59:00131:37:00      
CDR transferred equipment bag.
20-Nov-1969 04:01:00131:39:00      
CDR prepared for traverse. LMP began egress.
20-Nov-1969 04:06:00131:44:00      
Contrast chart photographs taken by LMP.
20-Nov-1969 04:11:00131:49:00      
Initial geological traverse started (CDR).
20-Nov-1969 04:22:00132:00:00      
Initial geological traverse started (LMP).
20-Nov-1969 04:33:00132:11:00      
Core tube sample gathered (CDR).
20-Nov-1969 05:45:00133:23:00      
Final geological traverse started (CDR).
20-Nov-1969 05:58:00133:36:00      
Surveyor spacecraft inspected (CDR, LMP).
20-Nov-1969 06:15:00133:53:00      
Sample container packing and close-up photographs (LMP).
20-Nov-1969 07:08:00134:46:00      
Solar wind composition experiment retrieved.
20-Nov-1969 07:17:00134:55:00      
Ingress (LMP).
20-Nov-1969 07:30:00135:08:00      
Equipment transferred (CDR to LMP).
20-Nov-1969 07:33:00135:11:00      
Ingress (CDR) started.
20-Nov-1969 07:42:00135:20:00      
2nd EVA ended (ingress completed).
20-Nov-1969 07:44:00135:22:00      
LM equipment jettisoned.
20-Nov-1969 09:17:00136:55:00      
Debriefing for 2nd EVA.
20-Nov-1969 10:42:00138:20:00      
LM lunar liftoff ignition (LM APS).
20-Nov-1969 14:25:47142:03:47      
LM ascent stage orbit insertion.
20-Nov-1969 14:32:59142:10:59      
LM ascent stage cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 14:33:01142:11:01      
LM RCS trim burn (due to overburn on ascent) cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 14:33:51142:11:51      
LM coelliptic sequence initiation ignition.
20-Nov-1969 15:23:51143:01:51      
LM coelliptic sequence initiation cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 15:24:32143:02:32      
LM constant differential height maneuver ignition.
20-Nov-1969 16:22:02144:00:02      
LM constant differential height maneuver cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 16:22:15144:00:15      
LM terminal phase initiation ignition.
20-Nov-1969 16:58:26144:36:26      
LM terminal phase initiation cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 16:58:52144:36:52      
LM 1st midcourse correction.
20-Nov-1969 17:13:29144:51:29      
LM 2nd midcourse correction.
20-Nov-1969 17:28:29145:06:29      
LM terminal phase finalize ignition.
20-Nov-1969 17:41:29145:19:29      
LM terminal phase finalize cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 17:42:07145:20:07      
CSM/LM docked.
20-Nov-1969 17:58:20145:36:20      
CDR entered CM.
20-Nov-1969 19:27:00147:05:00      
LMP entered CM.
20-Nov-1969 19:42:00147:20:00      
LM ascent stage jettisoned.
20-Nov-1969 20:21:31147:59:31      
LM ascent stage separation maneuver ignition.
20-Nov-1969 20:26:30148:04:30      
LM ascent stage separation maneuver cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 20:26:36148:04:36      
LM ascent stage deorbit ignition.
20-Nov-1969 21:50:14149:28:14      
LM ascent stage deorbit cutoff.
20-Nov-1969 21:51:36149:29:36      
LM ascent stage impact on lunar surface.
20-Nov-1969 22:17:17149:55:17      
CSM lunar orbit plane change ignition.
21-Nov-1969 07:26:45159:04:45      
CSM lunar orbit plane change cutoff.
21-Nov-1969 07:27:04159:05:04      
CSM landmark tracking and photography.
21-Nov-1969 08:37:00160:15:00      
CSM landmark tracking and photography.
21-Nov-1969 13:27:00165:05:00      
CSM landmark tracking and photography.
21-Nov-1969 15:12:00166:50:00      
CSM landmark tracking and photography.
21-Nov-1969 19:42:00171:20:00      
Transearth injection ignition (SPS).
21-Nov-1969 20:49:16172:27:16      
Transearth injection cutoff.
21-Nov-1969 20:51:27172:29:27      
TV transmission started.
21-Nov-1969 21:07:00172:45:00      
TV transmission ended.
21-Nov-1969 21:45:00173:23:00      
Midcourse correction ignition.
22-Nov-1969 12:49:15188:27:15      
Midcourse correction cutoff.
22-Nov-1969 12:49:20188:27:20      
High-gain antenna test started.
22-Nov-1969 15:37:00191:15:00      
High-gain antenna test ended.
22-Nov-1969 18:22:00194:00:00      
High-gain antenna test started.
23-Nov-1969 14:22:00214:00:00      
High-gain antenna test ended.
23-Nov-1969 17:02:00216:40:00      
TV transmission started.
24-Nov-1969 00:29:00224:07:00      
TV transmission ended.
24-Nov-1969 01:06:00224:44:00      
Midcourse correction ignition.
24-Nov-1969 17:43:59241:21:59      
Midcourse correction cutoff.
24-Nov-1969 17:44:05241:22:05      
CM/SM separation.
24-Nov-1969 20:29:20244:07:20      
24-Nov-1969 20:44:19244:22:19      
Radar contact with CM established by recovery ship.
24-Nov-1969 20:46:00244:24:00      
S-band contact with CM established by rescue aircraft.
24-Nov-1969 20:50:00244:28:00      
Drogue parachute deployed
24-Nov-1969 20:52:39244:30:39      
VHF recovery beacon contact established with CM by recovery forces.
24-Nov-1969 20:53:00244:31:00      
Main parachute deployed.
24-Nov-1969 20:53:30244:31:30      
VHF voice contact with CM established by aircraft and recovery ship.
24-Nov-1969 20:54:00244:32:00      
Splashdown (went to apex-down).
24-Nov-1969 20:58:25244:36:25      
CM returned to apex-up position.
24-Nov-1969 21:02:51244:40:51      
Swimmers deployed to CM.
24-Nov-1969 21:08:00244:46:00      
Flotation collar inflated.
24-Nov-1969 21:15:00244:53:00      
Hatch opened for respirator transfer.
24-Nov-1969 21:36:00245:14:00      
Hatch opened for crew egress.
24-Nov-1969 21:40:00245:18:00      
Crew aboard recovery ship.
24-Nov-1969 21:58:00245:36:00      
Crew entered mobile quarantine facility.
24-Nov-1969 22:06:00245:44:00      
CM lifted from water.
24-Nov-1969 22:46:00246:24:00      
CM secured to quarantine facility.
25-Nov-1969 00:15:00247:53:00      
CM hatch opened.
25-Nov-1969 00:40:00248:18:00      
Sample containers 1 and 2 removed from CM.
25-Nov-1969 01:52:00249:30:00      
Container 1 removed from mobile quarantine facility.
25-Nov-1969 03:14:00250:52:00      
Container 1, controlled temperature shipping container 1, and film flown to Samoa.
25-Nov-1969 06:40:00254:18:00      
Container 2 removed from mobile quarantine facility.
25-Nov-1969 08:11:00255:49:00      
Container 2, remainder of biological samples and film flown to Samoa.
25-Nov-1969 11:30:00259:08:00      
Container 1, controlled temperature shipping container 1, and film arrived in Houston, TX.
25-Nov-1969 20:45:00268:23:00      
CM hatch secured and decontaminated.
25-Nov-1969 22:23:00270:01:00      
Mobile quarantine facility secured after removal of transfer tunnel.
25-Nov-1969 23:30:00271:08:00      
Container 2, remainder of biological samples, and film arrived in Houston.
26-Nov-1969 04:48:00276:26:00      
Mobile quarantine facility and CM offloaded in Hawaii.
29-Nov-1969 02:18:00345:56:00      
Safing of CM pyrotechnics completed.
29-Nov-1969 08:40:00352:18:00      
Mobile quarantine facility arrived at Ellington AFB, Houston.
29-Nov-1969 11:50:00355:28:00      
Crew in Lunar Receiving Laboratory, Houston.
29-Nov-1969 13:50:00357:28:00      
Deactivation of CM fuel and oxidizer completed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii.
01-Dec-1969 14:15:00405:53:00      

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